Collbaix Security Shutters

SECURBAIX BL VISON has been designed to provide maximum security, receiving the Resistance Class 4 burglar-proof certificate UNE-EN 1627.

A very elegant, safe and functional shutter for your peace of mind.

It integrates an E-KEY MEMORY SYSTEM, an intelligent lock that prevents any harm to the shutter in case of accidental opening when the shutter is locked down.

It is a suitable model for homes, offices, jeweller’s, banks, armoires, museums, art galleries, antique shops, tobacconists, warehouses, computer servers and any other business that requires additional security. The wide range of finishes allows a complete customization of the model.



Extruded aluminium rolling shutter, homologated security standard for doors UNE EN 13.241-1: 2004, UNE-EN 1627:2011 and CE certified. Manufactured using straight slats in hardened aluminium alloy high strength (Al, Si, Mg and Titanium) double-walled of 85 x 15 x 1,5 mm. Interior of the slats formed by high-quality insulating material and fixed with non-deformable stainless steel plugs, reinforced bottom double-wall socket of 120 x 15 x 1.5 mm, lateral bearings, lower sealing gasket and anti-friction nylon. ALOJA GUIDE DUET of 110x80x3 mm + 65x34x3 mm and supports of side plates of 8 mm. Upper shaft reinforced in galvanized steel with steel pulleys, bearings and nylon protections, adapted to the size and weight of the door. Motorization and electronic equipment suitable for measurements, weight, maneuvers number and access to the commercial premises. E-KEY MEMORY SYSTEM (intelligent lock system that prevents damage to the door in case of accidental opening with the lock locked.), Side lock and high security euro-cylinder. Lower safety stops manufactured in ABS. The installation will be undertaken by COLLBAIX SECURITY SHUTTERS technical staff or AUTHORIZED SALES POINTS BY COLLBAIX.

Lacquered RAL or Lacquered WOOD / anodized / high-resistance anodized / Imagine ®
ALOJA DUET guides (110x80x3 mm of thickness) Self-supporting guide. INNER: 65 Guide (65x34x3 mm of thickness) and nylon for minimal friction (with no greasing)
Measures / Weight
7.000 mm wide x 5.500 mm high (guides included). Weight 16,0 Kg/m2 approx.
Motor / Shaft

Single-phase or three-phase electric motors of tubular type and torque calculated for the specific dimensions of each project. Electric powers demanded from 100 to 2,000 W (peak power).

Voltages 100 – 127 V / 220 – 240 V / 380 – 400 V / 480 – 600 V (50/60 Hz).

Lock and automatisms
Automatic electronic equipment 100 - 127V / 220 - 240 V / 380 – 400 V / 480- 600 V (50/60 Hz) and low voltage operation 12 V.
Exterior opening system

SECURITY K LOCKER (front guide) / SECURITY K MINI (lateral guide) - Stainless steel, security lock, emergency unlocking handle in case of motor failure or lack of power supply. (Central Motor) and digital membrane keyboards ͋.

͋ Optional elements

Interior emergency system
SELECTORS CONNEX V / CONNEX HOME. They incorporate digital pushbuttons, emergency stop button and emergency unlocking handle in case of motor failure or lack of power supply. CE.
Superior Registration
It will be necessary and compulsory to manufacture a removable record through the bottom of the door roll to access and perform maintenance. The record must have a measurement of 60 cm. wide across the length of the door.
Aluminum top drawer

Upper register box made of aluminium, with reinforced profiles and support legs made of 6 or 8 mm steel according to the dimensions of the door. Upper optional DUETPLUS box, made of hardened extruded aluminium of the same material and colour as the door. Allows easy access to perform maintenance on the door ͋.

͋ Optional element

Wind resistance
Class 2 (98km/h)
Opening speed
0,2 m/s (approx)
Thermal Values
U = 5,34 W / ( m² · K ) - Rt = 0,18 ( m² · K ) / W