Collbaix Security Shutters

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Collbaix Canarias, S.L., en el marco del programa ICEX NEXT, cuenta con el apoyo del ICEX y la cofinanciación del fondo europeo FEDER para su Plan de Entrada en Nuevos Mercados 2020-2024.

Why Collbaix?

More than 50 years of experience

With a legacy dating back to 1972, thousands of projects stand as endorsements of our expertise.

International presence

With a global presence spanning most countries, our manufacturing hub in Spain ensures top-notch quality.


All products adhere to the stringent requirements outlined by regulations such as EN 1522, EN 1627, EN 1634, EN 13123, and EN 12424; as well as to American standards, including NIJ and UL.

Top quality products

Each system is engineered to deliver distinct levels of security, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding diverse needs.

Security and values

We safeguard both lives and the possessions you hold most dear, ensuring the utmost protection for what matters most to you.

Versatility and adaptation

Explore a multitude of color and design combinations seamlessly tailored to fit any environment and meet the unique specifications of our discerning customers.

The fastest

Experience swift and discreet installations that seamlessly integrate into your operations, ensuring minimal disruption to your regular business activities.

Invisible and discreet

A completely concealed system, synonymous with 'invisible,' offers a strategic advantage in security by introducing an element of surprise.

Maximum compatibility

Designed for compatibility with all international security systems, our solutions facilitate seamless interaction and integration, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.


We handle the entire process—from manufacturing to supply and installation—delivering our products and services anywhere in the world.

Collbaix Security Shutters applications

Explore a myriad of possibilities tailored to meet the unique needs of every client, entity, or sector.

RESIDENCIALHomes, villas and panic room

INSTITUTIONALOfficial organizations, strategic buildings and airports

PUBLIC ACCESSHotels, casinos, theaters and stadiums

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONSEmbassies, consulates and chancellors

FINANCIAL ENTITIESBanks and armored areas

SHOPS AND JEWELRYCommercial areas and watch shops

MUSEUMSArt galleries and museums

SECURITY AND DEFENSEMilitary applications, bunkers and access

Our clients guarantee our professionalism

"They are very professional and with a very elegant and refined finish"


"They are our official suppliers of security shutters"

Bulletproof, burglarproof, blastproof, fire proof and hurricane resistant shutters

"The installation was simple and fast"

High security bulletproof armoured shutters, doors and curtains