Collbaix Security Shutters


RESIDENCIAL Homes, villas and panic room
INSTITUTIONAL Official organizations, strategic buildings and airports
PUBLIC ACCESS Hotels, casinos, theaters and stadiums
INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Embassies, consulates and chancellors
FINANCIAL ENTITIES Banks and armored areas
SHOPS AND JEWELRY Commercial areas and watch shops
MUSEUMS Art galleries and museums
SECURITY AND DEFENSE Military applications, bunkers and access


Your home should be a safe place for you and your family, which is why we offer the most innovative and effective solutions against armed attacks, robberies, fires, explosions and inclement weather such as hurricanes. In addition, we offer our advisory service and creation of panic rooms, that is, completely protected areas, similar to a bunker, for cases of extreme need for protection and security. The wide range of models and finishes will allow you to have a completely hidden system in the decoration of your home.


Houses, bunkers, panic rooms, flats, garages, offices, villas, mansions, armourers, villas, estates, dressing rooms


Institutional buildings and official bodies are those whose loss or commitment could result in a significant detrimental impact on the availability, integrity or delivery of essential services and / or significant impact on national security, national defense or the functioning of the State itself. For this reason, Collbaix Security Shutters has the most effective and innovative security solutions on the market, guaranteeing the highest level of protection.

Town halls, servants, youth centers, embassies, police stations, archives, offices, ministries, garages, prisons, lobbies, offices, press rooms.


Buildings such as hotels, casinos, theaters, stadiums, cult centers, educational centers and other places of high affluence require that visitors enjoy maximum security against any type of attack.

The doors, blinds and curtains and high security Rolling shutters manufactured by COLLBAIX SECURITY SHUTTERS provide a very high degree of security in any type of access against all types of armed, vandalism and / or terrorist attacks as well as an effective protection system against fire, hurricanes and Explosions.

The installation is really simple and adapts perfectly to any type of construction and finishing without deteriorating the existing aesthetics.
The self-supporting system developed by COLLBAIX SECURITY SHUTTERS will allow you to increase security anywhere without the need for works.

Hotels, casinos, mosques, stadiums, concerts, universities, theaters, churches, commercial areas, cinemas, schools, shows.


Embassies, consulates or chancelleries are some of the main targets of vandalism and / or terrorist attacks. For this reason, Collbaix Security Shutters has the most effective and innovative security solutions on the market, guaranteeing the highest level of protection, even in geographical locations with a high risk of attack such as the Middle East. Our security systems are able to withstand the impact of heavy military weaponry by increasing security in compromised locations. While our doors, blinds, Rolling shutters and / or curtains are deactivated, they will remain hidden in the decoration of the building thanks to the wide range and quality of the finishes we offer. In addition, the minimum maintenance required makes our security systems the ideal, efficient and efficient choice.

Embassies, palaces, bunkers, consulates, presidencies, jails, chancelleries, garages, restricted areas, royal houses, barracks, barracks.


Increasingly, criminal techniques and techniques are more sophisticated and complex to deter, so banks and financial services must ensure that their assets and assets remain adequately protected. The COLLBAIX SECURITY SHUTTERS brand supplies a wide range of doors, blinds, Rolling shutters and automatic curtains to help protect the entire building through centralized one-button operation or the use of a single intelligent control screen. If the client wishes, the VISION range can be combined with armored glass allowing the passage of light and vision of the interior / exterior.

Banks, parking, sweepstakes and lotteries, central banks, coin factories, philatelic, warehouses, smelters, currency offices, lobbies, jewelry stores, stock exchange buildings.


Jewelry, watch shops, precious metals trade and other high-value commercial premises must present the maximum level of security. The use of systems such as the SECURBAIX BL VISION model can be installed behind the glass doors of shops or showcase to ensure concealment and aesthetics during normal business hours and ensure the highest degree of protection when deployed.

Jewelers, lottery administrations, dealers, watches, high-value merchandise, perfumeries, antique shops, metal trade, technology, lobbies, telephony, luxury brands.


The innovative design of our line of high security blinds and its integration with the architecture and decoration of the building is extremely important for this type of projects where the protection of visitors must be an indispensable factor in the security protocols of each museum.

With just a push of a button our retractable systems will be deployed guaranteeing security and access control to the area as well as being an excellent fire retardant system. Once deactivated, the armor will be hidden in the structure thanks to the wide range of finishes that are suitable for any type of building and decoration.

Museums, monuments, zoos, art galleries, libraries, attractions, exhibitions, stations, galleries, lobbies, philately, parking.


The most noteworthy sites for our defense applications include military bases, prisons, naval ports, storage facilities, training centers, intelligence facilities, communication centers, facilities abroad that support daily operations and other strategic locations.

The level of threat that is posed requires a very high security classification through the application and use of our DIAMOND line depending on the type of installation, location and other security measures. DIAMOND is the high security blind with ballistic classification FB6 certified and also offers inherent properties of protection against explosions, hurricanes and burglarproof.

They are the doors, blinds and curtains with the highest classifications of the market, unique and exclusive throughout the world.

The automatic locking technology prevents lifting or closing the door and automatically blocks the installations without the need for additional mechanisms. The COLLBAIX INTEGRAL SYSTEM offers a global solution for the integral protection of any construction.

Military bases, transport centers, intelligence centers, barracks, nerve centers, communications centers, powder magazines, nuclear power stations, control centers, armourers, regasification centers, prisons, combat centers.