Collbaix Security Shutters

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he function of the automatic pivots is to restrict access in areas and guarantee anti-terrorist security in embassies, ministries, banks, jewelers, nerve centers, shops, streets and any other vulnerable place in addition to avoiding smash-and-grab attacks.

It is the perfect solution against the lack of security, vulnerability and terrorist acts in unprotected areas and unrestricted access. Its design allows it to withstand the impact of a vehicle without deforming its system, preventing the vehicle from exceeding the area defined by the automatic pivots.

Additionally, its installation is simple, compatible with the rest of security systems and if the user wishes it will be perfectly hidden without interfering with the usual access operations.
The combined installation of the rolling shutters, doors, blinds and retractable curtains of Collbaix Security Shutters with automatic pivots will increase the security up to maximum levels.

Applications: Residences, Consulates, Watchmakers, Parking, Chancelleries, Banks, Ministries, Streets and avenues, Armories, Embassies, Jewelery, Universities